Don’t Forget To Challah At Me (Raisin Challah Bread)

Before I begin this blog entry, allow me to apologize for dragging out its publication. As I mentioned on my Facebook page, we (my fiancé and I) are in the process of relocating… Continue reading

Keep The Kebabs Comin’ (Köfte/Kebabs)

A good friend of mine recently asked me to feature a recipe that she could make quickly and easily. I sat and thought about what that actually meant, because a meal at my… Continue reading

Make You Want Some Misr

Have you ever visited a restaurant not knowing what to expect despite the rave reviews and the allure of a fabulous meal? Have you ever gone to that type of restaurant and been thoroughly impressed?… Continue reading

Lacking Leavened Love (Spiced Orange Ricotta Cake)

Happy Passover to all the Jewish people of the world! As the holiday comes to a close, I wanted to share with you a recipe that I created over the past week. It… Continue reading

Spice Up Your Life (Çılbır)

Trying to find inspiration for a blog is by no means a simple feat, especially when you have a goal of publishing something at least once a week. This week proved to be no… Continue reading

Friday Night Fish Tales (Moroccan-Spiced Hot Fish)

This blog post is dedicated to the loving memory of my late father-in-law, Yair Shatil. I hope you’re having a badass time in heaven and keeping an eye on your beautiful family. We… Continue reading

Guess who’s back? And I brought some Special K! (Shredded Phyllo and Sweet Cheese Pastry)

Hello there, mostly ladies and a few gentlemen! It has been very close to a year since my last post in which I made unkept promises and disappointed many readers. I’m not quite… Continue reading

The Wonderful World of Technical Difficulties…and anchovies (Farfalle alle acciughe)

Hello, hello, hello! I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any of my delicious creations. I’ve been traveling and preparing to move to a new apartment. Saturday is the big… Continue reading

Treats from the 305, Part 2 (Ham Croquettes)

Since my last post, I had the chance to make it down to South Florida for my brother’s graduation. Did I gorge on delicious Cuban treats? I sure did! And I was actually… Continue reading

Treats from the 305, Part 1 (Guava Cheese Turnovers)

Miami, Miami, Miami. So many people are fond of her. What’s not to love? The metro area of more than 5 million people is bordered by the Everglades, expansive roads and the beaches… Continue reading